The payroll manager: an expert in payroll management!

Being able to organise the various payments correctly is important for the proper development of a company. Previously the responsibility of the accountant, this task is now reserved for a professional specialising in the field, known as the payroll manager. This person now plays an essential role in the management and organisation of the company. Everything you need to know about the payroll manager becomes necessary in this context.

The various tasks of a payroll manager

The payroll manager has several tasks to perform within the company. The first is to prepare the employees' pay slips. This means that he/she will have to collect, analyse and process the information concerning all employees, which may be related to holidays, absences or hours worked. This collection will be used to calculate the salary and then to establish pay slips. In order to be precise and rigorous, the manager must use software that can automatically update the new information. Next, he/she will also have to ensure the administrative management of the personnel. In other words, it is up to the manager to deal with the formalities for the arrival (hiring) and departure (dismissal, resignation) of employees. Thus, if a new employee joins the company, it will be up to him or her to draw up the employment contract and the documents required for remuneration, and the same applies if an employee wants to leave the company. Finally, he/she will have to take part in the human resources tasks. This includes drawing up the social balance sheet, the management charts and the wage bill. In this order, he will have to draw up a balance sheet on the state of the company in the coming years.

The qualities required

Becoming a payroll manager is not an easy task, and several qualities are required. He or she must have legal knowledge as well as accounting knowledge. In order not to make mistakes, they must be organised, methodical and conscientious in their work. In addition, it is also necessary for him to be respectful and discreet with regard to the information he is given. Remuneration is a sensitive subject in the company and must be respected. Finally, the payroll manager must have excellent interpersonal skills, as he or she will be in contact with a large number of employees and company managers. A good command of the English language is also recommended.

Training courses to follow

Like any other job, qualifications are required before becoming a payroll manager. Although there are no specific training courses for this job, you will need at least a BTS in accounting and management, or a DUT in financial administration and accounting. However, if you want to progress more quickly in the profession, you will need a professional degree in payroll management or a 5-year degree in accounting and finance, as this will enable you to carry out the various operations properly.

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