Financial training

The Trader: a job where the pressure is constant!

The trader works on his own behalf of the account he represents or the account of the client. But this has never been directly related to the latter. This often leads him to take a position, i.e., to predict that…

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The job of a financial analyst is to study and develop strategies for companies listed on the stock exchange!

A financial analyst is a person with a passion for mathematics and numbers. His or her job is particularly suited to the field of finance. They help and support investors in listed companies to make more profitable transactions using economic,…

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The tax expert: his role is to advise companies on tax matters

At the heart of the state, taxation is an important issue within companies, especially for managers. It is important to bear in mind that companies are subject to numerous taxes. Hence, in order to manage their taxes properly, they turn…

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Public Sector Financial Controller: a broad tax profession!

Working in the public service is the dream of many young people. Many of them are interested in the tax sector, in becoming a tax controller. Like most jobs in the civil service, this profession requires several criteria since it…

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