Management training

The management controller: the pillar of a company!

Regardless of its sector of activity, controlling is the strategic value of a company. Given its importance, it has become the basis for potential improvements in all companies. It is, in fact, a function that aims to motivate managers and…

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The payroll manager: an expert in payroll management!

Being able to organise the various payments correctly is important for the proper development of a company. Previously the responsibility of the accountant, this task is now reserved for a professional specialising in the field, known as the payroll manager….

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Why does a treasurer have to ensure the financial profitability of a company?

The treasurer’s main task is to ensure the profitability of a company’s project. Not only will he/she increase your turnover, but he/she is also very competent in managing cash flow risks by helping you to invest your capital properly. What…

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Learning how to advise companies on the right strategies to adopt!

Due to lack of expertise, time or an objective point of view, companies or even organisations collaborate with an audit and consultancy firm to assist them. Their help is much sought after, whether it is to solve a problem or…

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