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Business: get your skills validated and boost your career!

In order to establish impeccable relationships and be more productive with clients, colleagues and partners from all over the world, you need to boost your career. Therefore, training in business English is the closest alternative. To meet the demands of…

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What are the most internationally recognised qualifications in English as a foreign language?

Currently, going abroad to look for a job or to study attracts many individuals. English language diplomas for university admissions, internships abroad or for professional English assessment come in different types. These are tests for American or British English and…

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Which test will certify your English level?

There are many tests available to assess your English level. There will be no cut-off scores with these tests, but they only assess your knowledge of English. The Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) has defined levels, A1 to C2…

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International studies: how to certify your level of French?

Nowadays, there are many reasons why some people want to claim their language certificates, especially on an international level. Also, in order to make the most of your CV, it is useful to have a number of assets and skills…

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How to boost your career through languages?

Learning one or more languages other than your mother tongue is always an asset in the employment sector. Whether you are looking for a new job or want to boost your career, mastering another language is very important. You increase…

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