Learning how to advise companies on the right strategies to adopt!

Published on : 31 May 20213 min reading time
Due to lack of expertise, time or an objective point of view, companies or even organisations collaborate with an audit and consultancy firm to assist them. Their help is much sought after, whether it is to solve a problem or to make an important decision. But what is an audit and consulting firm? How do you become a consultant? Are there any particular skills required to carry out their mission?

What is an audit and consulting firm?

Nowadays, companies invest a lot of money to improve their operations or to solve specific problems. To do this, they call on audit and consultancy firms with a multidisciplinary team. Indeed, these firms work in several areas of expertise such as strategic management, marketing, information systems, human resource management and much more. It is therefore necessary to do a lot of work and study in order to become a consultant. Thus, auditors are those who do accounting certifications, while consultants are those who analyse and advise clients. They are therefore highly coveted by today’s companies for their efficiency, experience and expertise.

How to become a consultant?

The mission of consultants is complex. They are there to accompany and advise companies in the private and public sector to identify, prevent and resolve difficulties encountered. They also provide innovative solutions to high stakes. They must therefore have a long education, i.e., a 5-year degree or more. They should also have a speciality in a specific field. Those from engineering schools, business schools and Institutes of Political Studies or IEP are the most favoured by recruiters. Knowledge of foreign languages, especially English, is highly recommended.

What are the skills and qualities required to successfully complete a consulting assignment?

In order to evolve rapidly in this field, some qualities should be taken into account. Note that the evolution of a consultant starts from junior to senior and then to manager. An organisational aptitude is one of the skills to acquire to become a professional. To be effective in diagnosis and strategic planning, the consultant should also have an analytical and synthetic mind. A strong capacity for persuasion, cooperation and creativity are also important assets. Relational skills and team spirit are highly recommended. Finally, emotional intelligence and diplomacy are also key skills for breaking into this field.

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