The chartered accountant: a key role in keeping the company’s accounts!

Within a large or small company, a chartered accountant has a major role. In addition to drawing up the company's various accounts, he or she carries out several other even more important tasks. The presence of a chartered accountant in a company can best improve returns and much more. It is the ideal partner for all companies that want to stand out and that seek improvement in all areas.

The roles of a chartered accountant

- These main tasks are ensured by a charteredaccountant. Having a chartered accountant on your side can be of a great help. These experts can help with the creation of a business. They can also be involved in a takeover. They can also be of great help when a company is dissolved or liquidated. Apart from that, a chartered accountant draws up and presents the annual accounts. French law requires all companies to present their annual accounts. After carrying out these tasks, the accountant obtains a certificate which justifies the conformity of the company's accounts. The accounts drawn up are therefore the result of fraud or of inaccurate and inconsistent information if an anomaly which arises. - Secondary tasks include what follows. Depending on the specific needs of each company, a chartered accountant can perform several secondary tasks, such as drawing up contracts and pay slips. They also take care of tax returns such as VAT, CVAE, etc.

What are the obligations of a chartered accountant?

Like any other profession, the job of a chartered accountant is subject to obligations. -In relation to clients and third parties, he is the first person to be held responsible if a fault, negligence or damage occurs during the performance of his duties. Therefore, he must have a professional liability insurance policy. Penally speaking, he is primarily responsible if an offence or non-compliance with regulations occurs. -He must also respect discretion and all other rules of professional ethics.

Is it compulsory to have a chartered accountant in your company?

The choice to hire or not to hire a chartered accountant is yours. There are many entrepreneurs who have decided to do their own bookkeeping. But in some cases, this is not always an easy task. Managing the figures and accounts yourself can be very difficult. Therefore, having an accountant is very useful and highly recommended. You would benefit from versatility, professionalism, expertise and much more. In order to manage your business well, it is essential to use the services of a chartered accountant. Sometimes, certain tasks require the intervention and advice of an expert.

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