Who manages the overall cost of a project and works with the various trades?

In cases such as renovation work or building a house, several fields work together to achieve the objective. However, project management must be carried out by a construction expert whose speciality is well-known. Design offices and architects are also competent in this field, as are individual house building companies. Who are these experts?

Who manages the overall price of a building site?

First of all, the construction of a building consists of three important stages: the commercial stage, the design stage and the execution stage. The commercial plan includes the elaboration of a better financial and technical solution. In this case, the costing engineer is responsible for costing the project from its initial study to its transfer to the construction department. From the file submitted by the project manager, he draws up a price suggestion with the participation of the design office (if necessary). But if a small company is involved, it is often the company manager who takes responsibility for the price estimates. The engineer in question can be accompanied by a quantity surveyor.   

Who collaborates with the various trades on the site?

As the building industry is a sector that includes a number of different trades, only one professional is responsible for this collaboration. The construction manager decides and it is his duty to supervise one or more site managers. In addition, like the design engineer, he ensures the financial management on the site and plans the supplies. He acts as a delegate on the building site, negotiating with the architect and the client as well as with the other partners in the building process. Apart from that, the site manager also manages the personnel unit on the site. Together with the team leaders, he defines the tasks assigned to them in order to successfully complete the project.

The project manager

The project manager is responsible for the overall management of the work on a site in terms of costs, deadlines and choices (techniques, methods, materials). This management must be carried out by an expert such as the project manager. The project manager has several tasks to carry out for the proper execution of the work. He must assist the project owner during the consultation of companies and the various trades involved in the project. However, he does not have the right to select the companies instead of the project owner.

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