Public Sector Financial Controller: a broad tax profession!

Working in the public service is the dream of many young people. Many of them are interested in the tax sector, in becoming a tax controller. Like most jobs in the civil service, this profession requires several criteria since it requires multiple tasks.

What is a tax controller?

First of all, a tax controller works in the tax service. He or she is therefore a professional in the world of taxation. He or she is responsible for managing the accounts and budgets of public authorities and everything related to taxes. However, the holder of this job may also be responsible for administrative and accounting tasks within the General Tax Directorate. In addition, a public finance controller is able to advise on budget management in various public bodies.

Public finance controller: main tasks?

Being tax experts, the public finance controllers have various responsibilities. They are responsible for monitoring the financial management of public funds. In addition, they must be aware of cash management and accounting in all public sectors. Besides, they are responsible for the collection of public revenues. In this respect, the management of disputes and tax audits are part of the tasks of a tax auditor. Still on the subject of figures, they control the multiple payrolls within the institution where they work, such as expenditure and revenue, as well as the salaries of staff.

How to become a tax auditor?

In terms of the qualities and skills required for the position of tax auditor, training is the basis for success. Indeed, to become a tax auditor, the first requirement is knowledge of taxation. In this respect, initial training is required after obtaining the baccalaureate. By taking part in the competitive examination, you can become a trainee tax inspector. Trainee auditors undergo theoretical and practical training at the National School of Public Finance. There is one year of initial training. The 7 months are for theory, the 4 months for internship and one month for training for the first job. But if you want to go further, there is continuous training to obtain a higher position such as a public finance inspector. The job of a public finance inspector is really interesting because the remuneration is rapidly evolving. You just have to meet the required criteria.

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